Ball Hockey Balle 5x5

Club Dome facility guidelines

  1. You need to bring your own water bottles filled from home.  There will be NO fountain available.  Each player should bring their own water bottle.
  2. No other outside food or drinks are allowed inside the Dome.
  3. Please arrive no more than 20 minutes before your game.  An exception can be made for goalies who need longer to get suited up.
  4. Expect to be greeted by someone to sanitize your hands.
  5. There will be a socially distanced markers to enter the dome through the spinning door.  Please respect these and enter one at a time if there happens to be a lineup.
  6. Prior to your game please remain in your room or in the area in front of your room.
  7. The teams going on the surface to play should go along the side of the dome and player benches.  The teams that are exiting should use the big door at the back of the surface.
  8. Once on the surface, you must keep all water bottles, sticks and other personal items on the surface.  The timekeeper will sanitize the player benches.  They will let you know when you are allowed to put stuff on the benches and the game will start.  Teams may use the areas beside the benches for extra spacing as required if there are a lot of players present for the game.
  9. Please provide your $35 in exact change prior to the game.
  10. The Club Dome bar is open for drinks.
  11. Teams stay on the same side for both periods. No changing ends.
  12. No post game handshakes.
  13. Showers are now available.
  14. No fans inside the dome for adult games. Max 1 adult responsible for a youth player in youth leagues.

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