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MBHL and the Red Zone

Montreal has now moved into the red zone.   The government has decided that sports are allowed to continue so MBHL will play their games at both our venues.  This is great news as we can continue to get out of the house and get some exercise.  We will need to be even more careful before and after games to respect the government guidelines.  We will continue to try and schedule the games about 7-10 days ahead.  We are sorry that a full schedule can’t be published right now due to all this uncertainty.  Here are some reminders and updated info on procedures in general and specific to each location.

General (both venues)

  1. Please only show up 20 minutes prior to your game.  An exception can be made for goalies.
  2. No fans are allowed to watch games.
  3. Masks need to be worn when entering, leaving or moving around the building.
  4. When social distancing is not possible in changing rooms, masks should be worn while getting ready.
  5. Vacate rooms 15 minutes after your game.
  6. No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed in the rooms.  If an inspector catches a team socializing and drinking after the game in the dressing rooms, it would be a huge problem.  We will be giving captains suspensions and deducting points in the standings for these situations.
  7. No social gatherings outside in the parking lots.  It is not exactly clear what will occur if police or inspectors pass by and see large social groups outside the venues.  From news so far we feel that his is not allowed and could lead to them closing us down.
  8. Inside restaurant and terrace are closed for eating or drinks.


  1. Masks hooks will be installed behind each bench and cleaned between games.  Players need to wear their mask onto the surface and can remove it once they are on the surface.
  2. Showers will be available.  2 people at a time are allowed in the shower room.
  3. Teams ending their game go to the bench collect their personal items and wait for the next teams to enter surface before leaving.  Teams entering leave their personal items on the surface while starting their warmup.  Once benches have been cleaned, you can proceed to your bench.


  1. Masks should be worn while watching the games prior to yours.  They can be left in the room when you head towards the surface to play your game.
  2. Showers and downstairs washrooms will be closed.  The upstairs bathroom remains open.
  3. Team enter by the dome side and wait for the teams finishing to collect their items from the bench.  They can then proceed on the surface and start warming up while the scorekeeper cleans the benches.  Teams leaving go through the back door to their rooms.
  4. The dome restaurant will be open for takeout food, beer and wine.  Menus will be available soon but help support them in this difficult time.  Order before your game and pickup and bring home on your way out.

We’d like to thank everyone for playing MBHL and helping us keep running by respecting all recommendations and listening to staff onsite as situation arrive and regulations change further.



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